Wholesale Tires, LLC

Project Details Wholesale Tires Link: wholesaletirellc.com/ Year: 2014 Description Wholesale Tires is a great example of our ability to take a WordPress-powered site and customize it to meet a customer’s vision. We built a custom theme, including an attractive, but easy-to-modify homepage, then added full-fledged e-commerce functionality so that...


Project Details MyLawnz.com Link: www.mylawnz.com Year: 2014 Description We created MyLawnz.com for a landscaper who wanted a better way to connect not just himself to his clients, but prospective clients to great landscapers in general. MyLawnz is scripted with ASP, with a custom content management system we developed. Visit...

WV Archeological Society

Project Details WV Archeological Society Link: wvarch.org Year: 2015 Description For the West Virginia Archeological Society, we developed an earthy-feeling site that allows them to communicate with members and sell a mix of goods, including documentaries on DVD, downloads of group publications from the past fifty years, and group...


Project Details A2Mation Link: a2mation.com Year: 2015 Description For this spin-off of Design Controls, we faced largely similar content, but also a different set of challenges in developing the new company’s brand identity. The owner had a rough idea of the character of the brand, but we worked closely...

Design Controls

Project Details Design Controls Link: designcontrols.net Year: 2014 Description With Design Controls, the client had an existing website that they generally liked the feel of, but which they needed replaced with a new site which would be more modern, mobile-friendly, and easy for them to update themselves. We integrated...

GSB Process

Project Details GSB Process Link: gsbprocess.com Year: 2014 Description GSB Process distributes valves, steam products, instrumentation and controls, and other industrial supplies. For their site, we wanted a design that would emphasize the range of industries they’re involved with, including power generation, chemicals, and more. Visit Site

American Metals

Project Details American Metals Link: www.americanmetals.com Year: 2014 Description American Metals provides metal services and materials in West Virginia and surrounding states, and has been doing so for over twenty years. Visit Site

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