Web Development Process

Backed by years of experience, our process delivers great websites at an affordable rate, without the frustration of some alternatives:

1) First we identify YOUR needs.

A little planning goes a long way, and it’s important to us that you’re fully satisfied with the finished website. Consequently, our first step is to talk with you and clearly identify your vision for the new site. If you know exactly what you want, great! Many prospective clients have a rougher idea, however, and that’s okay. We’re happy to work with you to identify the features and technology that will best fit your goals.


2) You can quote us on that. (For free!)

Once we’ve established what you want to do with a new website, we’ll get you an estimate for how much the site will cost. We offer great rates on site production, and it might cost less than you think to get a custom-designed website, complete with mobile friendly design and great features all as part of our standard site package!

There’s no charge for discussing your project prior to getting you a quote. We want you to be able to make an informed decision when you choose to work with us, and having a clear idea what you want enables us to get you the most accurate quote possible.


3) We keep you informed throughout development.

If you decide to hire us for your project (and we hope you do!) we’ll get started quickly, rapidly developing a prototype of your site that you’ll be able to see live on our test servers. We develop a custom look to your site that matches your brand identity, and we’ll update you as we finish developing any unique functional features that you want.

Surprises are great for birthday parties, not so much for your business’ website. If something isn’t quite what you pictured before development, we can rework it to your satisfaction as we’re building the site. Your feedback is always a valued part of our process.

4) We test your site before and after launching it.

We do our best to ensure your site is bug-free, before and after we switch from our development server to your live environment, so you can have as smooth a transition as possible.

5) Continued Support

Once we launch your site, we provide you with a guidebook individually-tailored to your website, including log in information, how to easily update it yourself, helpful explanations of any jargon you might stumble across, and lots of pictures to carry you through.

If you have any questions at all, find anything that doesn’t work the way you expected, or want something new added to the website, just let us know. We pride ourselves on the support we give our clients after launch, both by phone and by email. Additional features at this stage may require additional costs to cover development, but often clients will discover things they want that we can do at minimal or even zero cost.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

We hope this has given you some insight into our process. If you’re ready to jump in, or if you still have some questions, we want to hear from you! Drop us a line and let’s talk about what Web Design Shop can do for you!

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